Mobility Equipment Lending Library


About the Lending Library

Since 2019 The Cyborg Circus Project has housed a small rotating collection of mobility devices and equipment that are available as donation to the youth who access our programming as well as for community members more broadly. This Lending Library exists to combat the systemic inequities and barriers that persist within the Assistive Devices Program. Barriers within this program make it difficult or impossible for some disabled people, particularly those still seeking diagnoses or without fully accessible housing, to obtain mobility aids in a timely manner. We purchase and/or accept donations of used mobility equipment that we refurbish with the help of local vendors. We accept donations of crutches (standard or forearm), walkers/rollators, wheelchairs, non-custom braces, and other home health and disability related technical aids.


Currently due to organizational capacity, storage limitations, and funding restrictions, we do not have the ability to accept donations of used powerchairs, scooters, or power assist devices into the lending library pool. If folks are interested in contributing donations of power devices, we are able to facilitate connections to our community to look for a direct recipient of the device rather than taking the device into the library. Devices donated this way must be in functional used condition and not require any significant repair.


This equipment is donated for free to the community, for as long as it is needed. Community members are asked that when a device is no longer needed, that they donate it back to the Lending Library. This allows us to continue to provide this service to the community in a sustainable way.


This project is currently supported entirely through donations and volunteer labor. Most youth are unable to pay for the devices that they need at the time that they need them – if youth or community members would like to pay it forward and help fund the cost of a device to support a youth in need, this is greatly appreciated and highly encouraged to help the sustainability of this necessary program. Costs vary from 50$ to over 1000$ for each device that we take into the Lending Library. These costs ensure that the device is clean, safe, functional, and individually adjusted to meet the needs of the community member it is being assigned to before being donated to that individual. 

Image Description: Two wheelchair users wheel down a busy Toronto sidewalk one behind the other. The view is from behind the wheelchair users and their faces are not visible. Both people are wearing winter coats and hats. Cars and other pedestrians are visible in the periphery of the image. 

Accessing the Library

If you would like to enquire about accessing the Mobility Equipment Lending Library, please email us at

We currently have a number of mobility devices available. Priority access to this equipment will be given to community members who are 2-Spirit, Indigenous, Black, and People of Color (2SIBPOC).


Image Description: A mostly black wheelchair rests on a cement floor with a white radiator behind it. The wheelchair has purple accents and bright green spokes. There is no one sitting in the wheelchair. 


To Contribute to the Equipment Lending Library

Thanks to a generous donation from Access Storage, we are now able to accept donations for our Mobility Equipment Lending Library. If you have a used piece of mobility equipment that you would like to contribute to the library please email us at

Image Description: A dark green rigid frame manual wheelchair rests on a gravel stoop against a backdrop of grass. The wheelchair has aluminum spokes and push rims and a split foot plate. The chair has no user seated in it.