Un-Masking Sanitization Zine

“Un-Masking Sanitization”  The cover of the zine is divided into three rows. In the first row, there are two images. The left most shows Jen wearing gloves, a facemask and amber fit over glasses, their head and body are cloaked in a black fleece poncho with a portion of brown hair slipping out.  The 2nd is the same but grey scale. The last image is orange text on a grey speckled backdrop. The text reads “Un-masking Sanitization” on the first line followed by the subheading “Freedom, Gender and Disability” and beneath that “By Our Bodies Our Voices” and lastly underneath that “2020”  The 2nd row features versions of a photo of Gabe. Gabe is wearing a trucker hat adorned with pins, a face mask, a black sweater, and a white shirt underneath. They are facing the camera straight on. The 1st version has a warm sepia filter, the 2nd features the photo in its unaltered state, the 3rd is in grey scale and the 4th has a green tinted filter applied to it.  The last row shows four identical photos

Un-Masking Sanitization

Un-Masking Sanitization is a compilation zine created by the participants in Our Bodies Our Voices - An art making program for disabled youth interested in exploring gender identity. It explores concepts of Freedom, Gender and Disability in the context of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. This program was made possible thanks to funding from Artreach Toronto.


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